Download these videos to share on social media, share with those who need to watch them, or even present them at your school or event.


Download these videos to your computer or device so that you can share them publicly.  Remember: the purpose of this movement is to declare that human beings are not to be seen as objects to be used, exploited, or abused.

Why? Because we are not something that can be measured.  We are not a commodity with some sort of named value or price tag.


Campaign Videos

You Are Not A Commodity

Do You feel Trapped?

What “Invaluable” Means

PSA Videos

Are You In Danger?

Labor Trafficking

Social Media Awareness Videos

These short videos are meant to share on places like TikTok, Reels, and YouTube Shorts.  These are scenarios where exploitation and trafficking occur.  Download these videos to help spread awareness for warning signs and to encourage anyone living out these scenarios to seek help immediately.

Social Media Awareness Video:

Social Media Awareness Video:
Family Member Transaction

Social Media Awareness Video:
Creepy Texts

Social Media Awareness Video:

Social Media Awareness Video:
Labor Trafficking