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beyond calculable or appraisable value; of inestimable worth; priceless.

The movement behind #IAMINVALUABLE is the unified rally cry that human beings are not to be commoditized, sold, owned, or exploited.  It is realizing that each one of us is unique and above any value or cost.  It is both loving oneself and seeing each other as equals.  It is a warning against those who would seek to exploit and awareness to see and help those who are currently oppressed.  It is an invitation to safety for those who are currently victimized by others and it is a promise for justice.

Rise Up And Share

There are approximately 25 million victims of human trafficking in the world today, with the United States being one of the top contributors.  Human trafficking includes anything from human exploitation, exchanging money for sexual activities, and slave labor.

We know that to stop this, we need to be proactive and bring awareness and education to the general public as well as help change people’s minds.

These resources are for you to rise up and help End Human Trafficking by sharing on your social media platforms and joining the movement.


Download and share our videos that not only share why and how each of us is beyond value, but also how to watch out for warning signs of human exploitation.

Social Media Graphics

These graphics are ready for you to download and share on your platforms.

Printed Flyer For Parents

Download and print this helpful flyer that provides helpful information to guard your teenagers from possible exploitation.

Logo / Brand Content

Here are our logos that you can use to create your own content and join the #IAMINVALUABLE movement.


This movement is about sharing with the world that human beings are not to be commoditized, sold, or exploited for any reason because ALL OF US--no matter what--are above any and all value.


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