Many may know about human trafficking, but too few understand what it is, how it affects our society, and what must be done to end it.

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Being aware of the problem of human trafficking is the first step. By taking our free online training, you can be empowered to know how to help spread more awareness AND how to respond effectively when faced with a suspicious situation.

The 100 Percent Club

The 100 Percent Club is a partnership between companies/organizations and the Florida Office of the Attorney General that recognizes those entities for taking proactive steps to train employees on the signs of human trafficking and for providing quick reference resources to effectively report human trafficking. 

More About Foster Care

Unfortunately, many victims of human trafficking were once part of the foster care system. We believe that by partnering with several quality-focused foster care agencies, we can turn the tide and provide better wrap-around care for minors to prevent possible exploitation.

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A Targeted Campaign for Young Adults

The movement behind #IAMINVALUABLE is the unified rally cry that human beings are not to be commoditized, sold, owned, or exploited. It is realizing that each one of us is unique and above any value or cost.  The Florida Alliance to End Human Trafficking launched this campaign to both reach individuals vulnerable to exploitation as well as the general public to help raise awareness about how to prevent victimization from happening.

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