This page has been developed as a resource where your organization or business can download, use, and share material that will empower others to help end human trafficking.

According to the National Trafficking Hotline, it is clear that there is a national crisis at hand and in order to #EndHumanTrafficking we must all become aware, educated, and engaged.

Downloadable Resources

Workplace Poster

This 11×17 poster is made to hang where your employees can see it every day and know what to do should they encounter a suspicious encounter or situation.

PSA Video: Labor Trafficking

Download and share this video on social media to not only warn against labor trafficking, but also to help those who are caught up in this crime and do not know how to escape.

PSA Video: Are You In Danger?

Sometimes those who need help are within our own spheres of influence.  Share this video publicly and even with your own employees.  Human Trafficking is a problem in the United States and many times grooming, selling, etc. can happen to people and in places you would least expect.

Social Media Graphics

Save these graphics and share on social media by also writing a powerful caption. Remember: the purpose of this movement is to declare that human beings are not to be seen as objects to be used, exploited, or abused.  Lastly, be sure to include the hashtag: #EndHumanTraffickingFL