The Florida Alliance to End Human Trafficking is a nonprofit organization created by the Florida Legislature to provide funding, support and assistance to the statewide effort to end human trafficking.


As we work together with legislators, law enforcement, councils, business owners, and organizations, we are honored to forge partnerships who proudly stand up to end human trafficking in the state of Florida.  These strategic partners provide the support needed to help us complete our mission.  Here are some of the ways we are working together to end human trafficking:
  • Supporting the efforts of the Statewide Council on Human Trafficking.
  • Supporting innovative technology solutions and expansive data collection for law enforcement.
  • Leading the statewide coordination on training and awareness programs for industries.
  • Supporting survivor leaders by establishing a Survivor’s Bill of Rights and providing coordination for speaking engagements and events.
  • Promoting and developing partnerships with corporate, philanthropic and regional advocates throughout Florida and nationally.
  • Centralizing human trafficking resources, publications and trainings in Florida.
  • Identifying resources to support law enforcement and direct service provider efforts in the fight against human trafficking

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