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The Florida Alliance to End Human Trafficking is a nonprofit organization created by the Florida Legislature to provide funding, support and assistance to the statewide effort to end human trafficking.


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Survivor’s Bill of Rights

Florida Alliance to End Human Trafficking 
Survivor Bill of Rights 
May 2021 

These guidelines and practices serve as considerations when engaging survivors of human trafficking  and provides an overview of protocols for compensating survivor speakers and consultants. 


  • As with all experts, survivors will be engaged as professionals who are sharing their expert  knowledge with staff to increase the organization’s ability to develop prevention strategies,  implement identification tools, learn how to effectively recover, and provide opportunities for  prevention and intervention services on behalf of those we serve. 1
  • A survivor engaged with an organization for the purpose of providing professional services  (including speaking at an event (in-person or virtual), providing consultation services, or  training), will be paid a consulting or speaking fee that is negotiated in advance of the event, as  well as any travel expenses. 
  • A survivor’s information (including name, preferred title, intellectual property, image/likeness,  narrative, etc.) may not be used without expressed written consent by the survivor. o Photos or videotapes of the event may not be taken without expressed written consent  by the survivor, including reproductions for fundraising, development, or training  purposes for the organization. 
  • Speakers and consultants should be engaged for a specific purpose (e.g., Impact of Trauma on  Human Trafficking Survivors). 

o In advance of the event, structure of the program should be confirmed with the  survivor; including length of speaking time, type of event, location of event, audience (if  it is open to the public), other speakers and participants, Q&A or moderated questions. 

o Prior to marketing and promoting the event, confirm with the survivor if their photo can  be used and preferred title. 

o After the event, the organization should hold a debrief with the survivor to receive  feedback and suggestions for improvement (if needed). 

  • Every individual is unique, and survivors should not be compared to one another. If a survivor communicates any personal boundaries, they should always be respected. A survivor is more than their “story.” Survivors are the experts when it comes to human  

trafficking and should be consulted when developing awareness trainings; including how to  help/assist survivors. 

  • It is important to understand that survivors have good and bad days. Each survivor is at a  different place in their journey and may have to cancel their participation in an event, which  should not be reflective of future engagements. 

Fees, Honorariums, and Expenses2 

  • A speaker or consultant is a subcontractor who provides skills and knowledge that an organization does not possess internally. Fees may be presented as hourly, project-based, or on  retainer. Indirect costs may be included. 

1 Statewide Council on Human Trafficking, Services and Resources Committee. 
2 Survivor Alliance, 2018.

  • An honorarium (or stipend) is a gift to recognize and thank someone for their time and  contribution. (e.g., to cover costs of transportation, meals, missed work, etc.) The person does  not have to hold specific credentials. This is often used for guest speakers or when an  organization cannot pay the speaker their full rate (if applicable). At the survivor’s request,  these fees are provided.